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Malls are trendy.  Coffee shops are trendy.  Churches should be timeless.  They should be a place where you come to reflect on your relationship with God.  Our church is simple.  We are not about entertainment but enrichment. 

Victory Christian Academy


It is our mission to provide our students with a solid academic foundation from a Christian perspective.  


We place emphasis on developing personal responsibility and Christian character.

Our school is pleasant and safe.  Our teachers are experienced and sincere in their efforts to lead young people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.



El ministerio español nuevo se inició el 2 de abril de 2017 por Ricardo y Yesi Caballero.


La escuela dominical comienza a las 10 am y la adoración de la mañana comienza a las 11 am cada domingo por la mañana.

¡Por favor únete a nosotros!

Sunday School

Sunday School offers age-appropriate classes for students to learn in depth teaching from the Word of God.


Classes are available for nursery-aged children, school-aged children, teens, college & career age and adults.

The classes encourage closer relationships to be developed among the students.  The students in each class often enjoy each other's fellowship at various activities that are planned each month.

Classes begin every Sunday morning at 9:45 A.M.

Reaching Out

Jesus has mandated that we go out into all the world to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We endeavor to reach the lost by actively supporting our missionaries through prayer and giving.

​We also desire to go beyond the four walls of our church within our community.


Various outreach opportunities are planned throughout the year.  

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